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    FREE restring saturday  (applies to the service below)

Restring - $15.00   (only applies for 6-string acoustics and 6-string solid bridge electric guitars)

Set-up $55.00 for all electrics and acoustics.  Service includes new strings, neck adjustment, action adjustment,  nut work, balance pickups,  check elec, clean fingerboard, and final inspect, clean again and play

Level Crown & Polish - $145.00        If you're experienceing bad fret buzz on your guitar, then this is what you need. Includes Full on leveling of the frets, then crown the frets to there original shape and then polish the frets until you can see your reflection. This service also includes everything mentioned above in the set-up.

Pickup installs $25.00 per passive pickup           $50.00 & up for active pickups

Some custom inlay work on a P.R.S -  initials for Corey McDeed


still workin on gettin more stuff up.....please be patient........contact me any time (509)389-2276